Science Story #2 : Coconut’s Big Heart

by | Sep 24, 2021 | Pojok

Long time ago, there was a coconut named Coco. He was still a fruit but already had his shoot. He was huge and even up till now, coconut is still a huge fruit. But at that time, because of his size, no other fruits, shoots, nor seeds who willing to be near him. They were all too scared, though actually Coco never did anything wrong and harmful. They all stay away from him and left him alone.

Coco was so sad, he could not understand the reasons. “Why, why, why?” He kept asking himself.
He could not find the answer. In fact, the more he asked, the more sadness he got.

One day, he could not stand it anymore. He screamed so loud, “Why? Why nobody wants to be near me? Why do I have to be alone? God! Please answer my question! Don’t make me feel like this!”.

It was too loud until awakened the wind. The wind was so surprised and took an action immidiately. He blew Coco hardly, until He rolled and rolled down.

“Stop!!!” cried Coco, but the wind continued blowing him hard.
Coco could not do anything, the wind is much stronger than him.

Until he reached near the beach, the wind stopped his blow. “There is no use to cry, angry, sad, or whatever bad feelings you had. This is a right place for you to learn to make friends with others, you have the sun, the moon, the star, the sea, and others, including me. We are all near you, and always accompany you. All you have to do is open your mind and heart. Though you are alone, you are not alone,” said the wind to Coco afterward.

In silent, Coco agreed with the wind. He looked at all around, so many things beautiful around and near him. None avoid nor kept him away. They were all opened their hands for Coco.

“Thank you so much! You make me want to smile now,” said Coco to the wind.
“No problem. From now on, you should not think about how others treat you. You better think how well you treat others. It is oke if some others hate you or dislike you, but you must love them all. If you can do that, you will be the champion among all. Look what will they say about you then.”
Coco spirit immidiately jumped. “Yes! Yes! Yes! I might be too big but I have to prove that I am not that bad. I am useful and I will be very useful. I will give all my love to all.”

Since then, Coco focused on himself. With the help of the wind, the sun, the water, and others near him, he grew up tall and became a very tall tree. Not only that, he provides everything useful for all who needs him, from his roots to his fruits. And the best thing is, he did it sincerely.

That is why up till now and perhaps forever, coconut tree become a very useful tree. His fruits and water contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. His shells and fibers are good for any kind of furnitures, firewoods, home furnishings, medicines, and others. His leaves are good for cooking and decorating, his sticks are the best to make gardening grooms. His stems are useful as woods, his roots are good for herbals and medicines.

Coconut is not only a huge fruit, coconut tree is having a big big heart. How about us?!
Coconut tree could easily grow everywhere without asking, just giving and giving.

Warm Regards,
Mariska Lubis

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