Liked by You

by | Nov 23, 2022 | Puisi, Tunas Muda

Oleh : Salsabila Alivia (SMAN 1 Malang)

I don’t want to be liked by you

As if I were that girl you met

When you are just a little boy

She didn’t give any answers

Yet you still chase her for years

I don’t want to be liked by you

As though I were that girl

Who really loved cats

You explored her ins and outs

You’d raise a cat just to be liked by her

I don’t want to be liked by you

As fanatical as that one girl

You only knew for days, you depend on her

Too much trust, you made everyone know her

Turns out she’s not even into romantic things

I don’t want to be liked by you

Like I was that girl you knew for ages

It was long enough to be your best friend

She changed your outlook about forever

Seemingly, she wasn’t the one

I want to be liked by you

Without the shadow of them

I want you to see that I was here all along

I want to fall for you so deeply

Still, I need you to see me as I am

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  1. Kalau penulis kurang jujur dalam menyajikan karya tulus, pasti dan pasti akan menyesatkan. Maka catatlah sejarah sebagaimana adanya. Syukur2 bisa…

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  3. Sangat inspirasi, membantu menumbuhkan motivasi dan penopang semangat

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